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this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day murderkitten
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A lack of progress shot. After full time working and going to a festival, I’ve lost a lot of muscle and gained a little fat. 

Time to get back into it.

I don’t think there is a worse feeling than feeling like you don’t deserve to be happy. 

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So my tattoo has so many meanings. I really hate when I tell certain people that I’m going to get a fandom tattoo, and they say something like, “what if you stop liking [insert fandom here] in ten years time?”
This is a Harry Potter tattoo. I cannot tell you how much I love it, and it has so much meaning to me. The 3 D’s of Apparition not only apply to that, but also to life. You have an idea of where you want to go with life, a destination, whether its specific, or some general life goal, you have to have a destination otherwise you’re floating. To get to that destination you must have the determination required for whatever goal it is, the will, the gumption, the way. But you must never forget to think about where you are going in life, don’t just rush right into things. You need to consider, deliberate, on what it is you want, because otherwise you might eff it all up. Or end up somewhere you didn’t want to be in the first place.
Another layer to this tattoo is Harry Potter opened up a new world to me, opened up reading, and in talking to my best friend today, who literally I would not know without Harry Potter - the first ‘chance’ meeting we had revolved around my having a HP book, and then a year later I’m getting made fun of on my hs myspace forum because I made an HP one, and this girl comes to my aid, only to figure out we’d met one year before - we figured out how important Harry Potter is to both of us. Because without it we wouldn’t know each other. It made her believe in something, and literally let her escape from real life. For me, it literally saved my life in the year up to meeting her. If I hadn’t become active in Harry Potter fandom, I seriously question whether I would be alive today. 
My tattoo is rebirth. Its knowledge. Passion. Friendship. Future. Everything and more that Harry Potter has represented to me over the years, and it will always represent to me, even if I no longer love the series as much in the future.
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I need space from life.

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I’m literally about one more emotional button being pushed from a fully fledged mental breakdown. 

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Everything that was ever good about me I’ve completely trashed this year. Go me.

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I NEED this made into a shirt
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